Shorten your UTM URLs with ONE CLICK!

UTM URLs are long and ugly, that is the fact! With one click you can shorten and/or customize/prettify your UTM URLs using or shorteners!

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Shorten UTM URLs with ONE CLICK

No need to open a separate website just to shorten your UTM URLs. With BestUrlBuilder you can shorten your UTM URLs with one click, right inside of the UTM URL Builder.

View detailed reports for every shortened UTM URL

By using short URLs, BestUrlBuilder will track all clicks and present them in a special report, which will help you figure out which URLs performed best.

Shorten UTM URLs using shortener

You can shorten your UTM URLs using shortener out of the box. When you create an account we also connect your account with shortener automatically.

Add Notes to your Short URLs

You can add notes to your Short URLs, so you and your team members will be on the same page in order to avoid confusion.