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Building UTM URLs faster and easier than ever before! BestUrlBuilder will help you standardize your UTM naming conventions. It will prevent confusion in your marketing reports, which will help you make your marketing efforts more measurable and predictable.

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Stay Consistent with Smart auto-suggestions

If you are not consistent with your UTM building process you will have to waste a lot of unnecessary time to process your analytics reports later. For example, if you use “e-mail” medium instead of “email”, your analytics platform will attribute stats and purchases to two different marketing channels and in order to get accurate data you will have to manually sum up stats later… Trust me, you don’t want to do that.

So Instead of wondering which UTM parameter or custom parameter you used the last time and instead of wondering if you used underscore or minus sign to break the word, we implemented smart suggestions feature which will suggest previously used parameters and custom parameters to help you build UTM URLs faster and with more consistency.

Prevent Mistakes

BestUrlBuilder is compliant with Web Standards protocol, which will help you prevent mistakes by auto-encoding unsafe characters to protect you against broken links and 404 errors. Apart from auto-encoding unsafe characters, BestUrlBuilder will also turn your UTM parameters into URL friendly string and lowercase your parameters to keep them consistent as UTM parameters are case sensitive in your reports. If you want to have full control over your UTM parameters you can easily turn this functionality off.

Built-in URL Shortener

UTM URLs are long and ugly, that is the fact. That is why we've built-in URL Shorteners, so you can shorten your built UTM URLs using shortener using one click.

UTM Templates

Most of the time your UTM URLs are quite similar. For example, every Facebook ad will have “cpc” as a medium and “facebook” as a source, so instead of repeating yourself every single time, you can use pre-made templates that will save you time and help you stay consistent. You can also save your own custom UTM templates.


Our goal was to create the easiest to use UTM URLs Builder out there. We talked with numerous Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to figure out how we could simplify UTM URLs building process as much as possible, even for non-tech-savvy users.